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June 24, 2014

MAGNUS Table – 10′ long solid black walnut dining table

MAGNUS Table - 10' long solid black walnut dining table

Nearly 10 years ago a black walnut tree in our neighborhood had to be cut down due to rot in the main trunk. (NE Portland, OR). I salvaged 5 limbs that were 14-16″ in diameter and slowly air dried them in my shop. 6 years later I crafted this table from the legs and other walnut from the Northwest. It easily seats 10 people; 12 to get cozy. I made it with removeable leaves at the ends. The frame/skirt is also made from walnut but has custom designed & welded metal brackets that enable the table to be completely disassembled and flat packed (useful in a move 2.5yrs ago). I named it after my son….Magnus.

Modern Outdoor Cedar & Aluminum Table & Bench

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V046 Resized Hicks Table Bench 2014 IndianopolisV046 Hicks Table Bench 2014 Indianopolis

May 14, 2013

Modern Benches – Make To Order

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Urban Harvested Cedar and Aluminum Benches now ready for delivery from MAGMAX Design!  Please email for more information (or call 503-475-0488)  We also have tables that seat 6-12 people, desks, and side tables.100

October 8, 2009

Modern Stools Almost Done

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We have finished the profiling of these new solid fir stools.  These are reclaimed from a 70′ fir tree which was being turned into firewood while I was working on a Rummer house in Beaverton.

Reclaimed Fir StoolsThere are 9 pieces altogether, of which 7 are 20″ tall and have 14″ square tops.  They need a few more weeks to dry but will be ready for the Holidays.

Otto, our Wirehaired Daschund/squirrel chaser, not included.

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